Fund-Level Solutions to Drive Value in Legacy Portfolios

IFA can unlock liquidity when investment vehicles experience life-cycle events that cause stress or distress to one or more of their constituencies. In these situations, GPs, LPs, boards, or other stakeholders often find that creative solutions, sometimes with new capital, can be the catalyst for the rebirth of a fund or the re-potting of an old fund’s assets.  

We provide strategic advice and transaction execution to investment managers, investors, and funds that are experiencing life-cycle events or facing issues caused by “trapped assets.” These transactions typically involve a portfolio of control equity positions, minority equity positions, or debt positions, and manifest in one of the following formats:

  • Fund Merger
  • Fund Recapitalization
  • Fund Conversion
  • Team Spin-Out
  • Strategic Fundraising
  • Formal Wind-Down Programs and Asset Sales

Fund M&A Contacts

Jeff Hammer
Managing Director
Paul Sanabria
Managing Director