Market-oriented and intellectual property–specific analytics help clients proactively drive business strategies

Strong analytics—market-driven as well as patent and intellectual property–driven—underlie everything we do. Our team brings to each engagement decades of experience as experts, representing counsel or advisors in IP litigation and licensing around the world, or in dispute resolution matters in business environments for many of the world’s largest technology, software, and medical device companies. We combine this with best practices honed from industry leaders to help us evaluate scenarios against the Tech+IP landscape, extensive patent analysis and evidence-of-use information, litigation/licensing practices, M&A and funding events, and other information mined from a myriad of public and proprietary databases.

Whether categorizing and assessing literally tens of thousands of patents, supporting license negotiations or product launches in new market areas, or solving other technology or IP challenges in non-obvious ways, our analytics services help clients effectively resolve their Tech+IP challenges. We bring a litigation-strength diligence, precision, and tenacity to all our analytics work.

We routinely perform the following analytics services:

  • M&A or licensing transaction trend research
  • Investment due diligence
  • Comparable transaction analysis
  • Competitive technology market analysis
  • Targeted Tech+IP buyers lists
  • Targeted Tech+IP sellers lists
  • Technology landscape analysis
  • Royalty stack analysis
  • Standard technical contribution analysis
  • Litigation research
  • Patent technology landscape analysis

Analytics Contacts

Sasha Sokhis
Senior Vice President