Multi-disciplinary experts working on your behalf to understand your Tech+IP assets and advance your vision

Intellectual property and technology as asset classes are highly valuable, but often are illiquid and very difficult to value. Though patents and other forms of intellectual property are often critical to maintaining sustainable competitive advantages and profit margins in many industries, methods honed for valuing other business assets may dramatically undervalue the real value when applied to these so called “negative rights” (intellectual property merely conferring on its owner the ability to exclude others from infringing use).

To address this challenge, we’ve developed a proven methodology based on multi-disciplinary principles and industry best practices to help clients achieve their objectives. Our team of financial valuation specialists, patent and technical domain experts, and bankers applies extensive IP-specific experience and evaluates scenarios against the Tech+IP landscape, litigation/ licensing practices, M&A and funding events, and information mined from a myriad of public and proprietary databases. Our experience base comes from having served as testifying experts or advisors to counsel in litigation and in business environments for many of the world’s largest technology, software, and medical device companies. Leveraging this experience as well as our IP transaction expertise, we bring a real world perspective to each client engagement.

Some of the contexts in which our valuation services are used include:

  • Technology transfer
  • Support of IP transactions (buyside, sellside, etc.)
  • Development of Tech+IP monetization and commercialization strategies
  • IP-focused, independent board advice
  • Restructuring strategies
  • Monetizing non-core or under-valued IP
  • Dispute resolution

Valuation Contacts

Brent Reynolds
Senior Vice President

Sasha Sokhis
Senior Vice President