Harnessing the voice of the market

We help industrials companies think beyond the limits of their traditional business models, competing in new ways and exploiting opportunities for achieving profitable growth.

Over the past decade, many industrials companies have faced powerful market shifts driven by global competition, customer and channel consolidation, and an increasingly sophisticated customer base.

In response, companies turned to internal restructuring, outsourcing, process reengineering, and supply chain optimization to drive the operating efficiencies required to successfully compete in this new environment.

While these initiatives continue to deliver returns, executives are increasingly looking beyond operating efficiencies to unlock new sources of value for their company, their customers, and their channel partners.

Traditionally inward-focused and product-centric, industrials companies are increasingly seeking to become more market-driven and customer-oriented. Constantly garnering customer impressions through the lenses of channel partners eventually leads to the development of a myopic and biased view of the marketplace. Hence, gaining better visibility into end-customers’ needs, behaviors, and attitudes is a fundamental step for industrials organizations striving for market leadership. Better end-customer insights inevitably leads to more effective strategies, higher degree of innovation, more relevant product portfolios, more targeted service offerings, and better-aligned value streams and delivery capabilities.

We help industrials companies think beyond the limits of their traditional business models, choose where and how they should compete, and address the highest priority issues and opportunities for achieving profitable growth. Our expertise spans across issues, including market-driven organizational alignment, channel strategy and optimization, portfolio optimization, complexity management, solution creation, sales and marketing strategies, as well as strategic account planning.

Our experience extends across a wide range of industrials sectors, including:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial services and solutions
  • Commodity and specialty chemicals
  • Construction and building products
  • Electronic and other electrical equipment
  • Industrials distributors
  • Machinery and equipment suppliers
  • Medical equipment
  • Moving and freight
  • Nuclear production
  • Optical instruments and lenses
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power, distribution, and specialty transformers
  • Railroad equipment
  • Solar power equipment


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