Helping to develop the next generation of global process distribution

Globalization has permanently altered the playing field in many industries. We work with clients to identify high potential global sourcing opportunities, structure processes to make optimal use of offshore capabilities, and design strategies for building an offshore presence, whether it be through a captive, a vendor partnership, or one of the many available combinations of the two.

Offshore delivery of services is coming of age. In particular, global IT services have matured to the point where global talent exceeds that of many local markets. Offshore delivery of services is also making great strides. As global markets specialize, knowledge process offshoring continues to build momentum. Yet while global markets have matured, a few common and very significant pitfalls remain:

  • Failure to align global operation with the enterprise strategy
  • Failure to optimize the portfolio of global captives and third parties in a multi-sourcing program
  • Misstatement of benefits and risks
  • Insufficient local preparation to account for distributed process support
  • Poorly constructed metrics, incentives, and governance efforts that lead to loss of control or failure to achieve the desired business benefits

We have extensive experience and expertise in helping organizations address these challenges as well as other key questions associated with offshore opportunity evaluation and planning:

  • Which strategic processes might be supportable through an “owned” global service center?  Which non-strategic processes might be better served by a partner(s) for whom the process is strategic, i.e., their core competency?
  • Does the multi-sourcing panel provide adequate diversification from key risks?
  • How should partnership be designed and managed to protect intellectual property and reward healthy partnering behavior?
  • What contingency plans exist for key risks?
  • How will state-side process partners be oriented to the cultural differences they will encounter?

What is the blueprint for the next generation of global process distribution?