Building better brands

Brands are a collection of all the expectations and associations evoked by consumer experience, which is critical in establishing (or destroying) the perceptions that are the key drivers of preference and loyalty. However, these experiences are increasingly shaped by information and interactions that companies have less and less control over.

Empowered consumers are growing more skeptical of advertising messages, and their purchases are becoming more self-directed. In addition, brand messaging has become not only less controlled but also more cluttered, as independent opinions coexist with company-guided content.

Companies can better manage brand experiences by understanding the key influences, attitudes, and buying behaviors affecting consumers throughout the entire cycle, from awareness and consideration, to purchase and ownership. We have developed deep expertise in helping clients across a variety of industries answer key questions that drive value creation through positive brand experiences:

  • What are the core values that define our brand? How is it perceived today by different customer segments? How should I address existing misalignments in brand perception?
  • As we look to grow our existing business by offering new products and services, should we develop new brands to reduce customer confusion or brand dilution?
  • What are the critical touch points that customers encounter when considering our products or services? How can I use these touch points to create positive and memorable experiences consistent our goals?
  • Could differentiated customer experiences become a source of competitive advantage?
  • What are the key sources of current customer dissatisfaction and attrition? What steps can I take to improve these aspects of the consumer experience to improve retention?
  • Does our current customer experience alienate valuable segments of the population? How should customer experience evolve as we expand into adjacent customer segments?  Should we consider developing a new brand or implementing a brand extension strategy to accommodate new markets we venture into?
  • Is our organization (i.e., structure, processes, resources, capabilities, infrastructure, metrics, incentives, etc.) fully aligned to deliver a superior brand experience across different customer segments and touch points? How can I ensure congruency of our value delivery systems?

How can I design improved retail concepts, store experiences, and online content that are congruent with brand personality and enhance brand connections (e.g., location, layout, fixtures, merchandising, lighting, music, staffing, etc.)?