Training & Development

Our intensive training is just the beginning of a comprehensive learning experience. We provide our junior bankers with the resources and guidance they need to work alongside senior bankers on transaction teams.

Each July, new campus hires from our offices worldwide convene in New York for a three-week training program designed not only to prepare new financial analysts and associates to start working on deals as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also to give new hires a well-rounded background in each of our business units.

Topics include:

  • Excel best practices
  • Organizing and building basic spreadsheet and cash flow forecasting models
  • Sellside M&A pitching to senior bankers
  • PCS/ValAut and discounted cash flow analysis, and completing a valuation analysis
  • Strategic alternatives for a distressed company
  • Comprehensive analysis and modeling of a company in bankruptcy
  • Series 7 and UK Regulatory training
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