Building decision-making frameworks

Companies often turn to shared services when they are looking to standardize processes, leverage organizational scale, and improve service levels. We are highly skilled at helping clients construct shared services organizations with a market orientation—SLAs, P&L accountability, usage contracts, governance protocol, effective pricing and chargeback mechanisms, etc. Many clients have found shared services to be a useful precursor to outsourcing.

Many organizations struggle to agree on the proper degree of centralizing services common to divisions or operating units. Centralization taken to extremes stifles accountability for growing a dynamic, local business; however, too little centralization fails to take advantage of economies of scale and developing centers of excellence. Senior leaders responsible for centralization decisions require decision-making frameworks that highlight tradeoffs and ease the way for successfully transitioning services where necessary.

We have worked with companies across a wide variety of industries to help them apply proven frameworks for managing centralization challenges that include:

  • Ensuring benefits of scale are realized without reducing service levels to customers
  • Aligning the shared services strategies to the overall enterprise strategy and leadership style
  • Integrating shared technologies
  • Ensuring governance and service-level agreements are sound
  • Ensuring that a shared service is anticipating business unit needs and even serving as an expert advisor to the business within their respective functional domain