Sales Force Effectiveness

Developing a solid foundation in sales force management

As traditional sources of competition are becoming progressively more difficult to sustain, companies are increasingly turning to their sales and service models to create competitive advantage.

Globalization and compressed product development cycles have challenged companies who compete solely on product differentiation, as sophisticated buyers are increasingly open to evaluating new sources of supply and value. In this environment, sales and service teams must become more adept at understanding value from the customer's perspective and delivering this value through a sales and service model that balances customer opportunity and buying preferences with the internal costs to serve.

Our focus is centered on helping our clients develop innovative sales and service strategies, and apply proven process design techniques to their sales and service model, to achieve competitive advantage and profitable growth. We have deep expertise in helping our clients address the core sales and service issues, including:

  • How should we segment customers and identify key sales and service requirements by segment?
  • How can I develop a more effective, solution-based selling approach to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers?
  • How does customer/account profitability vary across my business (total cost to serve, contribution margin analysis), and how can this be best integrated into management decision-making?
  • What account management processes should be established to optimize account growth, profitability, and loyalty on a more systematic basis?
  • How can we capture competitive intelligence and leverage the information to further our competitive advantage?
  • What are the leading sales-management tools that provide critical, timely knowledge and decision-making support for the sales force?
  • What is the most effective way to measure performance and incentivize the sales-force to best align their activities with the goals of the larger corporation?

We combine deep strategic and operational capabilities with extensive implementation experience across a variety of companies to develop value-based, executable strategies. As a result, we are well positioned to work with clients in various industries to develop a strong foundation in strategic sales force management.