Customer Insights

Helping our clients achieve enhanced business performance

Cultivating existing customers and establishing new connections with prospects are the driving force behind sustainable growth. But who are your customers, really? What do they seek? How do you capture their attention (and share of wallet)? Let us help you answer these questions and many others.

Our experience in advising clients across a broad set of industries has uncovered that most organizations have an intuitive knowledge of their core customer base. However, they chronically lack mechanisms to capture customer insights more systematically, the discipline to infuse these insights into the business in a meaningful way, and the aptitude to quickly adapt and adjust when necessary.

Moreover, many companies still tend to rely on demographic and behavioral (e.g., transaction history) data to generate insight into their customer base. Although easy to collect, analyze, and act upon, this approach largely misses out on attitudinal dimensions that are often the ultimate drivers for many categories of products and services.

At Houlihan Lokey, we adopt a market-oriented, research-based approach to help our clients unveil customer insights in both B2C as well as B2B environments. Over the years, we have leveraged a variety of market research methods, from more traditional in-depth interviews and quantitative studies to innovative ethnographic techniques, to help senior executives answer critical strategic questions, including:

  • What are the most valuable segments to prioritize?
  • What are the distinctive characteristics, needs, and requirements for your most valuable segments?
  • What does the end customer decision-making process look like? Who are the decision makers and influencers? What are their roles?
  • What are the key business drivers in each segment? What are the requirements to serve?
  • How are our company and brand(s) perceived? How are our competitors and their brands perceived?
  • What should our brand positioning be in each segment? How should we adopt our value proposition?
  • What internal capabilities are required to service each segment? Do we have the necessary internal alignment to deliver against the requirements for each segment?

Our broad management consulting capabilities also allow us to combine in-depth customer insights with market knowledge and internal perspectives, and translate them into actionable strategic initiatives to help our clients achieve enhanced business performance.